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Resto Shaman on Chimaeron 10HM

June 2, 2011

2nd First Kill of the Evening for Dirty 5/29/2011. The blue circle held strong.

 Last Sunday after downing Heroic Magmaw on the 4th attempt, we went over to H Chimaeron and gave him a beat down as well.  H Chimaeron was much easier for us than H Magmaw.

We knew all along that H Chim would be easier than H Magmaw but the plan for the week was to try to kill them both.  To be able to do both on the same raid lockout we had to kill H Magmaw first.   The day of wipes was well spent because the cooldown coordination required by H Magmaw gave us some good practice to deal with red phase on H Maloriak.

The biggest question we had going into the H Chim attempts was how we were going to deal with Tank Swaps.  And in all honesty, how you deal with the tank swaps and getting them the cooldowns and healing they need is the most challenging part of this fight.

Most 10’s H Chim strats recommend using 3 tanks.  2 alternating Feud/Double Attack tanks and 1 tank who is the MT and will take all of the stacks of Break.

If you have read my other Resto Shaman strats you know that for most encounters my guild has been blessed with a favorable, dare I say “stacked”, lineup.


MT/Break tank – Frost DK in DPS Gear and in Blood presence(for threat)

OT 1 – Prot Pally

OT 2 – Bear Tank

We had a few wipes with this configuration so we also attempted the standard normal mode two tank rotation using only the Pally and Bear.  That didn’t work either so we settled on the DK going full tank in Blood Spec and tank gear for the kill.  (note: We had enough DPS to do this but with practice having the Break Tank as full DPS should work!)

<Dirty> "Blue Circle of Power" strat in Spread-Out position.

On the map here you can see there are three tanks.  The center tank is directly in front of the boss.  The center tank is the Break Tank and they have an Offtank on each side.  The tank whose turn it is to take the double attacks and feud is always to the left and outside of the circle.  The arrows on the map indicate how the offtanks switch positions after feud ends.

When Feud begins, the Feud tank will stay outside and the entire raid will collapse onto the healer at the center of the circle.  That center Healer doesn’t move to be able to bomb big heals on the tank (who should ideally be already topped off before this happens.  If they aren’t, there is a good chance that they will not survive.)  All three healers will begin to cast AOE heals once the tank is stable and they are in a stacked position.

Feud phase: Raid stacked on the Resto Shaman with Feud tank outside

It’s very important that none of the other tanks pull aggro or taunt at the wrong time because one of them could die and healers’ mana will be wasted.  At the same time, the double attack/feud tanks need to coordinate their cooldowns or call for external cooldowns if needed to keep themselves alive.


Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, and Holy Priest*.

*There is some benefit to having a Disc priest on Mortality phase because in Heroic mode Nefarian adds a shadow dot that will slowly bring the raid’s health down to zero.  Since you can’t heal in mortality phase, spamming PW:S can buy the DPS more time to finish the job.

I arranged the groups to give passive healing to both of them.  The tanks go in Group 1 with my mastery fueled healing stream totem.  Group 2 has a DPS shaman HST and a Shadow Priest embrace for passive healing.

We don’t usually do strict healing assignments for 10’s but because time is of the essence in H Chim we use them. The priest and the resto druid are each assigned a group and the resto shaman is focused on healing tanks.

It is of vital importance to know which offtank is the active one.  As soon as systems failures happen they will be in dire need of heals.  The Feral tank gets Guardian Spirit and the Paladin rotates Ardent Defender and Lay on Hands.

The raid will need to be topped off after the last Massacre before Mortality.  That’s a good time to use druid tranquility.

Resto shaman specific:

High priority- keep Break tank above 10k, keep Double attack tank topped off before taking double attacks.

Medium priority- keep Healing Rain down to keep healing on 7 of the 10 raiders in the “blue circle of power” (see images above!).  Keep earth shield on the Double Attack tank for Nature’s blessing.  Keep those 3 riptides rolling.

Lower priority- help with caustic slimes.  Unleashed weapons, Riptide, or tidal waves hasted Healing Wave.

Keeping Healing Rain down and constantly casting is pretty mana intensive so I looked at a few ways to economize on spells.

  • Know when Massacre is coming.  There is no need to waste mana bringing up a tank to full health with expensive heals right before Massacre happens.
  • Spread your mana out.  You don’t need to bring Double Attack tank up by yourself.  1 GHW and Riptide should do the trick – let yours and other’s hots do some of the work.
  • Mana tide on Feud after tank is stable.  You will have more free global cooldowns at this point and less likely to lose someone while you are playing around with totems (dropping and replacing).

Shaman tricks on Mortality phase

On Mortality phase, we stack on active tank and use Spirit Link totem to even out the raid’s health and to heal up the tank.  The holy priest shields on cooldown and you as a Shaman should use Fire Elemental totem, use glyphed Stoneclaw totem on cooldown and DPS like mad.

If everyone is alive going into this phase and your dps is competent (at both staying alive and bringing the deeps!) this boss should go down.

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  1. Joe Ego permalink
    June 14, 2011 7:05 pm

    The setup is only called “3 tank”, but uses a dps running a threat talent (RF, Def Stance, etc) to hold aggro. Notice that ‘tank’ is either protected by Finkle’s Mixture or he’s stacked with the raid, not tanking, for Feud. So for most of the fight you just keep him above 10k while he wears his normal dps gear and contributes almost as much as usual — he shouldn’t pull aggro on Feud!

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