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Resto Shaman on Magmaw 10 HM

May 31, 2011

Magmaw HM brings out the best in your resto shaman - Dirty 1st kill May 29, 2011

 We logged 20 attemptson H Magmaw last Wednesday and I found myself having a blast.  Magmaw 10 HM may just be the most fun boss in current content to wipe to.  Or perhaps it’s just because I’m a Resto Shaman.

The strat we used plays to the strengths of our class and hides its weakness, unlike some fights such as Al’akir and ODS.  We don’t have to move much and can stay in a clump.  This is where Resto Shamans are the most comfortable and powerful.

Like Nef, we use two tanks and a kiter.

MT – Prot Pally (Pyritee)

OT – Feral Tank (Juanpablo)

Kiter – Frost DK (Kagya)

The second tank is used to tank the skelton adds (Constructs) that join the fight periodically for the first 70% of Magmaw’s health.  The last 30% of the fight is a burn phase because Nefarian shoots Shadow Blasts at people which splash damage everyone within 6yds of impact.  These are the two differences between Heroic and Normal Modes.


The main tank is on Magmaw and in HM he hits pretty hard.  Mangle in Heroic is especially deadly.  Our Prot Pally, Pyritee, rotates Divine Shield, Hand of Protection, Ardent Defender, and then calls for any external cooldowns (Pain Supression).  Communication is key on this so that healers can know when big heals are needed or not.

Pay attention to your feet-

The strat that we use depends greatly on having a kiter able to kite the adds to free the dps to be able to worry about killing the Constructs as priority and then getting DPS on Magmaw.  We have a hunter at range who misdirects the new skeletal adds to the bear in melee range of Magmaw.  (This is safer than the tank leaving and entering melee range on boss.)  Having the add in melee range is beneficial because the tank will also be in safety zone of cooldowns and AOE ground heals.  Magmaw can also be cleaved at the same time the dps is working on the add.

One of the biggest dangers in this fight is having  someone get a little too close to the melee group or someone get too far away from Magmaw.  You need at least three people outside of melee range at all times so that the raid group will not get targetted by Meteor (the landing of the Constructs and leaves a dangerous fire zone on the ground) or Pillar of Lava (where the Parasites spawn from).

Melee group:

MT, OT, 2 Healers (Resto Shaman, Resto Druid,) and assorted DPS: Arcane Mage, Enh Shaman, Shadow Priest.

(Don’t forget to assign two of these DPS to jump on chains!!!)

Range group:

Kiter, Hunter (to misdirect Constructs to OT), and the 3rd Healer (Disc).

It’s very important that the three people at range don’t get hit by any parasites or fire because they will be out of the safety zone of AOE ground heals and protective zones such as PW:Barrier or Spirit Link totem.   If they take any extra damage they can easily die to Lava Spew.  It’s always nice to have the battle rez available just incase they MT dies in a Mangle.

Lava Spew-

Lava Spew hits the raid hard and besides healing tanks the damage caused by it will be the main focus of your healing.   You will be getting 4 lava spews between headphases and they are on timers so plan ahead and start triage before it begins.  You will need to make sure everyone is at high enough health before they get hit or they could die.  Focus on the 3 people at range because they are the most vulnerable.  You must also make sure not to lose any tanks so use Nature’s swiftness if necessary.

It’s helpful to setup a cooldown rotation for the lava spews.  In our group we have a Power Word: Barrier, Spirit Link totem, Divine Guardian as our main ones.  Outside of the cooldowns, I always have a Healing Rain down for the 7 people in melee range to stand on. The druid is free to use throughput cooldowns as seen fit but it’s a good idea to plan to have them off cooldown for the last 15% or so.  Keep in mind if your dps are slow at getting chains applied you could be eating a 5th lava spew.

Spirit Link totem is extremely good on this fight.  If you time the last hits of Lava Spew with the first hits of Mangle you can get a 2-for-1 on your Spirit Link totem.  Use it as either a raid cooldown or a tank cooldown, whichever your raid needs more.

Headphase –

Telluric Currents (TC) is awesome on this fight.  Just remember you can regen almost an entire mana bar during headphases so make sure to burn your expensive spells between them.  Headphase is also a great time to put down mana tide totem since it’s the only safe time for the healer with the range group to come close enough to benefit.

The off-tank is usually tanking 1 add at this time so once I have a full mana bar I tell the other healers that I am taking over heals for the rest of the Headphase duration so that they can continue regenerating their mana.

The last 30%-

The shadow bolts won’t begin until the head is up so what we did is we held DPS on Magmaw at 32% and waited another for another headphase to push under the threshhold.  Once the head was down, the mage Timewarped and we blasted Magmaw down.   This is a good time for Greater Fire Elemental.  DPS as much as you can and then get the raid ready to spread out for the shadow bolt damage.

But remember what Rhii said:

If spreading six yards (or 8 yards or 10 yards) is good, spreading 30 yards is NOT better. Filling up the entire available space in a boss room does not make you safer. It makes you undisciplined and sloppy.

You can see in the above screenshot that I am pretty close to the original spot using my AOE heals on the tank and whoever else was smart enough to stay close to me 🙂  .

Please leave a comment if you have anything to add or a question! 


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