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Blizz still doesn’t get why people don’t want to queue as that role

May 27, 2011

My alt Reddfoxx bringing the deeps in Dungeon Finder "Taste the Rainbow!"

Usually, I’m not one who wants to jump on the beat the dead horse bandwagon to post on “hot” topics around the WoW player community.  And it’s usually because I dont have a strong opinion on the controversy or because I am in agreement with the Blizzard stance.

This is one issue that I feel they could come up with a simple solution to a major source of complaint for a lot of players.  I’m talking about these two blue-post responded threads on the official forums.

us Anti-Ninja Loot System

eu Bashiok post in response to a ninja

Right now I am interpreting the official stance to mean that they have no plans to enforce a Main-spec before Off-spec loot priority system for the random dungeon finder.  And in my opinion, that’s a huge mistake!

Here’s why:

Blizzard wants to encourage casuals to raid.

They are severly nerfing the current tier (tier 11) when 4.2 is released.  They hope to make it easy enough for very-casual groups/ pugs to be able to experience the content and to give them something to do besides new dailies and questlines.

The MS>OS loot priority is already part of community enforced culture.  Most guilds would have a hard time running raids if this wasn’t the general rule.  Extending that rule into dungeons only makes sense as a way of teaching and cultivating that culture.  Your role determines your loot priority.

Blizzard wants tanks and healers to queue for dungeon finder.

Blizzard gave us the Call To Arms to encourage more players to queue in the high-demand roles for dungeons.  When you actually want to dedicate yourself to that role and get geared to move into the more difficult troll dungeons and pug raids, there is nothing more unmotivating than having Deahtgrippz and Icelancerlol take your spirit and avoidance gear.  When that happens enough times, not even a goodie-bag can offer enough motivation to queue-up.

“They keep taking my gear so I’m gonna take theirs

Especially after CTA satchel was implemented getting many DPS plate-wearers to check the Tank role box, a new culture in the community is forming in the absence of a MS>OS priority.  I call it Herod’s Law.  (Taken from the mexican book and movie called La Ley de Herodes.)  In the movie the only the law of the land is explained to be:  o te chingas o te jodes – translation: Either you fuck yourself or you get screwed.

Herod’s Law grows into  a screw them before they can screw you attitude.  This can happen when people have been wronged many times before and now they are preemptively wronging others so that they can avoid feeling like the victim again. Anonymity among people from other servers helps, too!

Just as I wouldn’t want to experience this in society (why I don’t live in a failed-state), I don’t want this in my game.

Yours truly,

Alacran (resto / ele shaman 85)

and my plate-wearing, dual-specced alts

Reddfoxx (fury/prot warrior 85)

Reddfox (blood/ frost dk 85)

Reddphoxx (prot/ holy paladin 84)

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  1. Ypp permalink
    May 27, 2011 8:35 am

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on that point.
    I don’t need anything other than the valor points from heroics, but I weep every time I see a DPS roll on tank gear (be it plate or leather). Every single system they add nowadays (Call to Arms, Dungeon Finder…) seems to favor immature behaviour.
    All these ideas are great on the principle, but things can turn so wrong when people understand how to abuse them (and they understand fast).

  2. May 27, 2011 11:54 am

    I think you’re right on. My boyfriend loves to tank, he loves it. He tanks for pugs because he thinks it’s fun. Sometimes I wonder if he’s having a brain aneurysm when he says things like that, but there it is. He likes tanking pugs.

    But he is gearing a new tank (a druid), and he is entirely frustrated with losing gear to DPS who want to tank, but are more than willing to climb the gear ladder by stepping on him on the way up.

    If popular wisdom says “gear your tank by DPSing” and it also says “GTFO of heroics as soon as you’re geared enough to stop doing them” then it’s no wonder there’s never any tanks. And it’s the same for healers. I complained to Twitter the other day that gearing my holy pally has been much harder than gearing my shaman main because tanks won’t slow down for a fresh healer anymore and I was told to “Gear as DPS”. As long as that’s an option there will ALWAYS be a tank and healer shortage.

    • May 27, 2011 4:00 pm

      Good points as always Rhii.

      I level only via dungeon finder. My bear tank is Rotfuchs and like I said I have 3 plate wearing alts that go through quite a lot of dungeons.

      My latest experience was with a prot warrior when I was dpsing ZA on my frost dk Reddfox. He ninja’d the haste/exp pants from bear boss (which is terrible itemization- 346 w/ crit is better for dps war). When I told him “I need those” he said “I need them, too.” And then went on to tell me that when DPS Dk’s stop stealing his tank gear he will stop stealing DPS gear.

      “I’m not the DK who stole from you a-hole”

    • Willow permalink
      May 31, 2011 3:45 am

      I play a feral tanks too. For us there is no significant difference between tanking and dps gear. There aren’t any exclusive tanking stats on any leather, necklaces or rings so a cat can legitimately roll on anything a bear can. The only exception is trinkets and you can easily get those with tokens / points. It does work both ways though, I am currntly tanking normal raids with agility trinkets for the extra dodge/ap and crit that come form them. Stamina trinkets just don’t help all that much.

  3. Noah permalink
    May 31, 2011 5:29 am

    PUGs have been getting progressively worse since Cataclysm released. Bad manners, selfish and elitist attitudes and loot stealing are only on the uprise and it seems that anything Blizzard do only makes these groups more unbearable.

    The CTA thing was a huge mistake and the fears that people had of DPS queueing as tanks and healers to get the loot bag proved to be totally founded. I don’t even bother with randoms anymore unless a guild group is forming and needs people. As such, I’m hardly in WoW unless I’m there for a raid.

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