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Resto Shaman on Atramedes 10 HM

May 23, 2011

You know how the saying goes, “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball!”  It’s very true for Heroic Atramedes.  If you are very quick you can dodge just about all of the mechanics and if you are good you won’t kill your teammates in the process.

Dirty first kill on H Atramedes 5/22/11

I won’t go so far to say that I have an eay way to kill this boss like I did with Nefarian.   (Actually, last night it took us 7 attempts to repeat first kill on Nef 🙂  Here’s the basic outline of the strategy we planned to slay the dragon with.   We ended up trying 3 different setups for the ground phase over our few nights of progression.

Our raid time is limited to 6 hours/week so you can understand that if we have any setbacks during the farm content clear that can severly limit us on the number of attempts we have for progression.  (I’m looking at you Al’Akir!!!)  Prior planning outside of the raid can save precious time for attempts.

Our initial fail strats

Our first attempts we used an everyone stack on one position (on the tank) and then dodge discs by moving to the right strat.  Person with Sonic Breath goes left.  This strategy felt great for a resto shaman healing because after each disc dodge, I could place a Healing Rain on the ground for the raid.  There was a problem, however-  People kept dying to Sonic Breath because of someone moving slowly or going the wrong direction!

After the first night of attempts, I asked my twitter friends for help. ” How do you get people to run in the correct direction?”’s Jadiera answered with “browbeatings over vent until morale improves.”

The raid leader, Juanpablo, decided that we could try it the same as our normal strategy with everyone spread out across the map.  This was very difficult to heal and due to range issues, people were dying left and right.  The lesson for raid leaders is: If you have a resto shaman in your group, any strategy that involves clumping plays to their strength.  The more spread out the raid is,  the more you will see the Resto Shaman’s achilles heal.

25’s strat for 10’s?

I talked to Juanpablo about changing our strategy again to one that I liked from a Tankspot video.  Juanpablo said that he had initially only considered strats and videos based on 10’s raid size.   I liked this strat-  There was still a clumping element! The group would end up moving more often (bad) but it would be much less likely to get hit by mechanics (Great!).

I convinced JP that he would be able to shred with this strat and he seemed sold based on that.  In the video, the group is 90 degrees from the tank.  JP wanted to change it up to put us at 180 degrees to make sure that everyone could attack from behind (i.e.  so he could shred).  I warned about healing range issues with the tank but nobody seemed worried about it.  (Actually transitioning from Air -> Ground is where the range issues with the tank appeared but 6 months of Sindragosa practice allowed me to adjust as needed)

Resto Shaman specific

Ground phase: 

Tank Healing:  Keep Earthshield and Riptide up on the tank as they will be taking a beating compared to normal mode.  Use your Tidal Wave charges for Greater Healing Waves on the tank.  Use Nature’s Swiftness as needed to respond to emergencies.

Chain Healing: Keep a riptide rolling on one or two raiders in your clump that you will be able to chain heal off of after pulses.  Be careful you don’t chain heal someone outside of the group (the person hitting dwarven shields or the person running out of sonic breath.)  GridStatusChainHeal works great for this fight.

Healing Rain:  Keep Healing Rain on the ground but plan where you are going to place it.  It is a waste of mana if you are just going to instantly move out of it.   If you will need to move, work with Chain Heal.  It’s ok to interrupt a cast rather than getting hit by a disc.

Instant Ghost Wolf is a great help on this fight.

Mana tide between Searing Flames and watch phase timers.

Keep an eye on your Gong clicker. (Triven did an awesome job on this)  Put a riptide on them if you can before they leave group to go click.


Stay away from everyone else.  Airphase is perfect time to regen with telluric currents and spirit walkers grace.  I’m excited for the new primal glyph for this encounter.  Stick and move, stick and move.  Just like Punch Out.

Plan raidcooldowns for Searing Flames. (shaman chain heal harder!)  Be prepared to save people with high sound. (ask your other healers for help)

Good luck on this fight!  Let me know if you have any specific questions about Resto Shaman 10’s HM Atramedes.

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  1. May 23, 2011 8:17 am

    My new guild stays spread out in this boss, wich frustrated me a lot (no healing rains T_T), so I ended up healing this encounter with a mixture of GHW, HW and Riptides only. Not a huge HPS, of course, as it depends a lot on the strategy used, but at least it’s quite effective 🙂

    • May 23, 2011 8:52 am

      The Kitty Pew Pew video strat is the first strat we attempted. We ended up doing a strat much like the Brutal Team method.

      I need to catch up on my posts to see what guild you are in now :). Do you use the spread out strat for 25’s or for 10’s? It was significantly more difficult to heal at least in 10’s.

  2. Ypp permalink
    May 23, 2011 9:53 am

    My guild uses a custom strategy for 10-man : casters and healers are 90° from the tank, melee are 180° from him.
    We avoid the sonar pulses by straffing to the right, and the sonic breath by running to the left. The 90° from casters to melee are actually enough to kite it without hurting the melee.
    We left Atramedes at 3% thursday, he’s definitely going down tonight 🙂

    • May 23, 2011 10:26 am

      So after they strafe to the right to avoid the pulse discs they come back to original spot? It seems like a good strat.

      • Ypp permalink
        May 23, 2011 11:33 pm

        Yes, indeed we move back to our designed spot afterwards. I forgot to add that. We found out it helps after aerial phases, if people know where they should avoid putting flames.
        Atramédès thought it was a good strat 🙂

  3. kes permalink
    May 24, 2011 1:10 am

    Our raid clumps up 180 degress from the tank, starting each ground phase at Atramedes’ right leg. If there are any pulses, we will just move to the left leg and stay there. Next pulses: We will move to the right leg again. In case of a breath, the person runs right at the side of Atramedes in a direction towards the tank. All the others, however, will just move to the other leg (This is not actually necessary, but avoids a lot of sound in case of movement fails). We adopted it from a 25m video. It works like a charm. Best part about it is the easy-to-remember-strategy: If anything happens just move to the other leg 🙂

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