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Resurgence on the 4.2 PTR

May 14, 2011

Last night when I logged onto the 4.2 PTR for the first time, I looked for the announced Resurgence reworking of the Improved Water Shield talent.

What I found was the Same ol’ IWS talent as always.

Tonight when I logged on, I saw that Resurgence was now in the talent tree in the place where Improved Water Shield was last night.


While Water Shield is active, you recover mana when your direct healing spells have a critical effect.  You regain 2293 mana from a Healing Wave or Greater Healing Wave critical, 1376 mana from a Healing Surge, Riptide, or Unleash Life critical, and 764 mana from a Chain Heal critical.

The surprising thing to me was seeing Unleash Life and Riptide  included under the “faster” spells category alongside Healing Surge.  That’s a nice buff.

Chain Heal receives less mana per crit but each jump that crits will award mana.

I played around with reforging a little bit and picked up quite a lot more crit rating on my gear at the expense of Spirit and a small amount of Mastery.  I didn’t reduce my Haste from Alacran’s 4.1 levels.  On live, I run about 2300 Spirit (not including trinkets).  Expect to be able to reforge around 5% more crit onto your gear.  (My Live Armory link is to the right side bar for comparison purposes).

When I logged onto my Copied character, my talents had been reset.  Now I have to decide if I will take points out of TC or BotE in favor for Acuity.  I might take 1 point out of each or just leave my Acuity the way it is with 1/3.

I plan to pull up one of my WoL parses and calculate how much mana I would gain from the new Resurgence based on these numbers.  If it is greater than TC + IWS, I can probably spec out of it for 10’s purposes.

Other notes from PTR:

  • Firelands Instance was down so I wasn’t able to get in.
  • There were some people working on the PTR for adding the new Hyjal quests to  I didn’t do any of the quests however.
  • Encounter Journal is very cool so far but it isn’t complete yet.
  • I had a new title available which I selected and gathered quite a bit of attention with:  Avenger of Hyjal.
  • The new cast-lightning bolt-while-moving Prime Glyph doesn’t seem to be on the PTR yet.  I am interested in possibly using it for TC.  😉

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  1. May 15, 2011 5:54 am

    /love Alacranberry 🙂
    The complete formulation of the Resurgence talent is quite interesting. I thought that “scaled down accordingly for faster or multi-target spells” meant a lower percentage that the talent would trigger, like with Improved Water Shield.
    This new system removes the second layer of RNG for the talent, which is great. Welcome back, crit rating.

    However, with a lot of haste on gear sustained by this granted mana return on criticals plus our 2pT12 (which has a neat skin, btw), I fear the return of inefficient spell-spamming encounters like ICC. Well, I’m definitely worrying too much about this patch, let’s wait and see.

    • May 15, 2011 9:18 am

      This new system removes the second layer of RNG for the talent, which is great.

      Hooray! Boo for Double layered RNG!

      • May 17, 2011 12:18 am

        Double layers : good for DVD, bad for RNG.

      • May 18, 2011 12:32 pm

        Double layers : good for cakes, bad for RNG.

  2. Noah permalink
    May 18, 2011 12:13 pm

    With the rise in importance of Crit and the Reforging of Spirit to Crit, I’m wondering how much we should be looking at trading. I drop down to low 1900 Spirit and gain about 6% Crit, but it’s kind of alarming to see my Spirit drop to significantly.

    I’m thinking there should be a balance point rather than going all out but I have no idea what such a Spirit:Crit ratio should be.

    Resurgence will certainly help with more mana regen, but will it compensate for significantly lower Spirit?

    • May 18, 2011 12:30 pm

      We’ll have to reforge and play around until we find a comfortable level for spirit – just as before 4.2. Thanks for the comment!

      • Noah permalink
        May 20, 2011 8:18 am

        Yeah, I suppose it will take some futzing and experimenting, I was wondering if there’s any math or theories on the matter yet.

        On the PTR I Reforged Spirit to Crit, losing about 300 Spirit and gaining about 6% Crit. It’s a bit uncomfortable seeing my Spirit under 2k! I haven’t tested this out in any actual content, but I did just stand in Org running a mana intensive healing rotation on myself and it seemed that it took a lot longer to go OOM than the same would on live.

        Resurgence certainly looks promising in that we’ll have a steadier mana pool rather than the spikey deplete-and-refill pool we tend to have now.

        I only recently found your blog, from Totem Forest. Glad to have it here, definintely lots of good info provided!


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