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The Rainbow Generator: SiTBC Search Terms of the Week

April 7, 2011

Reddfoxx working on the Rainbow Generator quest

Sexy Search terms for the week of 3/31/11 – 4/7/11

Here we are again for the first week in April 2011.  This week’s search terms are piping hot like bottomless steak-fries.

Still strong in the search terms standings this week are terms related to “resto shaman 4.1” and   “resto druid healing Cho’gall.”


This week, my guild Dirty killed Cho’gall for the first time.  Lurin, our resto druid, put out some impressive numbers on the kill.  You can see our logs linked on side bar.  A new term popped up related to Cho’gall resto druid, and this week it was:


Resto Druid Tank healing for Cho’gall. :  Well, first of all, Cho’gall tank healing in 10N isn’t exactly the same as Festergut tank healing.  As long as the healers aren’t sleeping, they should be able to respond after the damage takes place.  My advice is 10’s specific – you might need to assign a healer to tanks in 25 or 10H, I don’t know.

Druids should keep 3 stacks of Lifebloom rolling on a tank at all times.  Next, they should probably have a rejuv on one or both tanks, especially the lifebloomed tank to get full advantage of symbiosis.  Lurin did awesome with her LB uptime (90%+, better than my Riptide uptime) and got a ton of mana back from revitalize and clear casting procs.


How do you kill a Resto: Well, I’ll give you some advice on how to kill a Resto Shaman.

This is my Top 10 Ways to Kill a Resto Shaman in PVE:

  1. Design a multi-leveled dungeon with an elevator.  Make sure top of elevator is sufficiently high enough to kill Resto from fall damage should they happen to fall off.  P.S.  They will, it’s only a matter of time.
  2. Frost nova a heavy-hitting melee add on top of Resto.
  3. After downing Maloriak, run out and body pull a Drakanoid and his two pets on top of Resto.  After the shaman dies, say in vent “I don’t know how that happened” incredulously.
  4. Don’t attack the dwarf placing the execution over the shaman’s head.
  5. Pull when they don’t have enough mana.
  6. Dispel Blackout .5 second after they get the debuff.
  7. Stand next to them when you have an arcane or fire “exploding debuff”.
  8. If they get targetted by a boss ability which deals a lot of damage and also incapacitates, don’t heal them.  Instead on vent tell them to “use a personal cooldown” to add insult to injury.
  9. Eject the Shaman out of your mount while you levitate to safety.
  10. Ask for a repair bot after first wipe because you “forgot”.  Laugh when the shaman exclaims “You’re killin’ me man!”


Stand in the blue circle, standinthebluecircle:

Is this “making it” as a blogger when people start to look for your blog by its name?  It’s dang cool.   The blue circle means sexy was another term listed, can you dig it?  There is nothing sexier than a double healing rain except maybe a triple rain.

The Double Healing Rain: Oh my god, it's so bright and vivid. /cry /laugh

Other notable search terms of the week:

big turd: Hahaha Earthshield is like a floating, orbiting turd.

chain heal addon, gtfo addon, gridstatuschainhealtarget, can’t heal you : General UI and addon searches –  Check out my review of addons here on SiTBC.  I linked my reviews on their relevant search term if you haven’t read them yet.

Look for Can’t Heal You review and reviews of other-chat-frame-spamming addons soon.

Resto shaman min/max, stat weights:  Did you read my review of Ask Mr. Robot? On Mr. Robot, you can customize your stat priorities by giving them a weight in with the editor function.

For 10’s, I will talk about how I value stats soon.

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  1. April 7, 2011 9:21 am

    Holy cow! 2 healing rains is almost as sexy as Tribeca in her mageweave leggings. Almost (pretty hard to beat!).

  2. April 7, 2011 9:33 am


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