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The Goblin Barbecue: Sexy Search terms of the week

March 31, 2011

When I first started blogging I thought that it would be cool to receive e-mails asking questions about Restoration Shamans.  I’d be able to do a Q&A style post every once in a while!

Well, that didn’t happen.  Not one e-mail receieved.  So I thought about why and then it occured to me…  I never put an e-mail address on the blog.

The truth is, I don’t want another e-mail account.  So if you’d like to send me a question or a private message, feel free to message me on Twitter or you can leave a comment here on the blog and mark it private so I won’t approve it after moderating.  Anyone who has my Gmail address from blog comments, feel free to send me an e-mail anytime.  Just let me know your virtual name so I don’t get confused over who you are.

So instead of a proper mail Q&A – I’ll publish here the top Search Terms for the week collected from my WordPress Site Stats!

Gather 'round the Goblin Barbecue for some Search Terms Q&A. Mmmm... Goblin... /drool

Search Terms for 2011-03-24 to 2011-03-31

healing cho’gall – There seems to be a lot of interest in this so look forward to an upcoming guide.  I have a lot of experience wiping but no kills yet.  With lots of -5% wipes under my belt, I feel like I can give some advice.

As you learn this fight, try to heal as little as possible so you will have most of your mana for the last 25%.  Trust in your heal team and let hots do their thing.   You will also need to learn the damage patterns so you will know when and on who to spend your mana.

Teach your raid the encounter mechanics to help with your mana management.  If they take too much corruption by failing at controlling the adds/avoiding shadow crashes or don’t interrupt well(worship and debilitating beam), you won’t be able to buy the DPS the time they will need in the final push.

Practice patience and kindness, this is a tough one.

druid healing cho’gall – There were probably 20 variations of this term during the week looking for guides, tips, how to, etc.  Don’t you know this is a Resto Shaman blog? Ah, yes I rememeber we talked about this here on the Healer Homework Challenge!

You should read the comments from Nefernet and Jasyla on that post.

An update about us on the Dirty Healz team:  We’re working a lot better as a team since then and Lurin’s numbers are way up.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge.

Though I must confess:  I have druid envy.  I really want something to make me feel powerful during the last phase of Cho’gall.   And no, Spirit Link totem doesn’t cut it.  The only thing I can hope to do is “Tidal Waves harder!”

resto shaman 4.1 – I have posted quite a lot about Mastery here and the change to the spells it

will affect.  In 4.1, Deep Healing Mastery will likely be the most attractive stat (after INT & SPI) to shaman in both 10’s and 25’s as it won’t matter anymore what your spell selection is.  It will benefit ALL heals.

Testing Deep Healing on the 4.1 PTR had its Ups & Downs. I'll just rest here a moment.

I haven’t talked much about Spirit Link totem yet.   While I have a few screenshots on my flickr photostream, I haven’t grouped yet on the PTR. I can’t wait to test it by jumping off the Stormwind Keep!  The thing I need to test is if it still “heals for free” when the nature damage is resisted in the distribution process.  Anyone interested in hopping on the PTR with me?  Contact me! I am on US Anasterian PVE.

PVP Resto Shaman are up in arms over an announced change to place a much longer internal cooldown (0.5 -> 6 secs) on the heal associated with Cleansing Water talent.  I haven’t PVPed since 4.0 pre-Cataclysm launch which was just infuriating as an Elemental Shaman PVPer.

chaman heal a la 4.1 – Bonjour mes amis francophones. Je vous recommande ce lien. Il est le plus merveilleux blogueur français.  En direct du PTR : le Chaman Restau 4.1

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Search Term Q&A.  See you next week!

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  1. Neca permalink
    March 31, 2011 6:22 pm

    Whoa Whoa what……
    “PVP Resto Shaman are up in arms over an announced change to place a much longer internal cooldown (0.5 -> 6 secs) on the heal associated with Cleansing Water talent.”

    what’s this about now. Is this PVP only? or is this going to affect PVE. will I be removing pionts in this talent?

    Other than that, Just found your blog, love the PTR testing, keep it up.

    Neca – Vek’nilash

    • March 31, 2011 6:45 pm

      Thanks for stopping by to visit, Neca!

      Well I haven’t been on the forums much today yet since I have been working on the Goblin Barbecue post and teaching classes :).

      The way I understand it, there is no cooldown to dispell besides the global cooldown. The free heal on dispel is what is getting a 6sec cooldown.

      Well, it’s a nerf intended for PVP balancing purposes. I would be a little surprised if it went through as is on 4.1 PTR because it makes the talent pretty worthless for PVE. But there also aren’t many other options higher in the tier…

      If this does go through, they really need to move Spirit Link totem up higher so we can use our old Cleansing Waters point for it. That would also give us another point to put in Acuity.

      For PVE on 4.06 live, the talent gets away with being very situational only because it’s so powerful. I will try to spec out of it for PVE when I can if this change goes live when 4.1 hits.

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