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Clarification about Deep Healing buff on 4.1 PTR.

March 17, 2011

Nerds have feelings too. credit: Juanpablo. *Turn up your projected textures so you can actually find The Blue Circle!*

This post is intended as a reply to a comment I received from Oestrus on yesterday’s post.

I wanted to apologize if the post was unclear to people who aren’t in the immediate circle of restoration shaman nerds.

On live, resto shaman mastery reads that it only affects “direct” heals.

Because I follow many sources in the shaman community such as EJ, Totemspot, LifeinGroup5, official forums, and MMO-champion forums, since early Cataclysm I have been healing under the assumption that Deep Healing mastery included:

  • Riptide direct initial healing portion,
  • healing wave, healing surge, greater healing wave,
  • unleash elements,
  • chain heal (?), cleansing waters (?), ancestral awakening (?)
  • and healing rain.

I know that Healing Rain isn’t obviously a “direct” heal but everything in the community has been pointing to healing rain being affected by mastery for months.

(?) Cleansing waters and ancestral awakening- I wasn’t sure about those and I still am not.

(?) Chain heal – I wasn’t sure exactly how it worked with the initial hit and subsequent jumps but now we know that it affects both, and knowing is half the battle.

One of the Resto Shaman changes (a.k.a. buff!)  in PTR 4.1 is that now our Deep Healing mastery will affect “all” heals instead of only direct.

So, the heals that were previously not included under the “direct heal” requirement are what I tested to see if they are now being affected by mastery on 4.1 PTR.  I tested

Riptide HoT portion,

Riptide HoT strength directly related to targets' health % on 4.1 PTR - Deep Healing!

Earthliving HoT,

Earthliving gets a boost on low health targets in 4.1 with Mastery inclusion (buff)


No Riverpaws were harmed in the testing of this mastery. Earth Shield buff via Mastery in 4.1! Woohoo!

and Healing Stream Totem.  (See previous post for screenshot showing that HST is not afffected by mastery in 4.1 PTR).

I’m new at blogging and I’m now seeing that I shouldn’t make assumptions about reader knowledge.

I welcome all comments and questions!  ❤ new readers!

your pal,



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