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A new hope for Chain Heal in Cataclysm 10’s (GridstatusChainHealTarget addon review)

March 15, 2011

What was once our iconic and go-to spell for so long in Wrath has now fallen into utter disuse. (a)

Many blame the restrictive mana cost, low heal produced, slow cast time, and sensitive range limitations in contributing to the widespread abandon of Chain Heal in Cataclysm 10’s.

An addon by napraptor ( curseforge ) called GridStatusChainHealTarget has the potential to once again increase our usage of the iconic spell.

Red as seen on border is highest priority for health defecit by % and jumps, yellow is lower priority.  1 red + 2 yellow should produce 3 targets hit by CH.


When looking at grid, the shaman has to decide who to cast a heal on and with which spell.  GridStatusChainHealTarget can help us see on the healing frames when a target is a good candidate for CHing based upon the amount of jumps that will be produced and their priority in needing a heal.

There is a lot of math involved to KNOW what is effective without a doubt.  Much must be taken into account such as Nature’s blessing talent, Riptide hot being consumed, talents increasing healing taken, CH glyph, etc.

The addon only can make suggestions- You can see here I am CHing the target with the highest sound instead of red bordered target.


Good restoration shamans need to be predictive and preemptive.  And as always, we need to use the right tool for the job.  Thanks to this addon I feel that I am using CH more instead of just relying on Healing Rain for every AOE situation in my 10N raids.


How do you Chain Heal in Cata?

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about how I use GridStatusChainHealTarget.

GridStatusChainHealTarget inside of Grid- configure #of jumps, health%

Full developer description and Download here.

(a)For more about Chain Heal in Cataclysm, I recommend: Healing Lazer : un mythe déchu ? by Ypp on my blogroll.


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