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Healer Homework Challenge: Druid healing for Cho’gall 10N

March 10, 2011

Are you an EJ?  Do you love to pore over parses?  I have some Healer Homework questions for you!  Are you shaman enough for the challenge?

Who we are: We’re the Dirty guild on Malfurion US.  We raid 10’s and only raid 6 hours a week, Wednesdays and Sundays.  We are a small, casual raiding guild.

What happened: We did our homework for Cho’gall and after one-shotting all of the underling bosses in BoT, we arrived for our first attempts ever.

I understand that the control of the adds wasn’t so good, our worshipping interrupts could have been better, and our DPS was low.   The log of the 8 minute attempt is what caught my eye, because the resto druid healing done was so low while overheal was so high.  How can we improve our team’s healing?

What we’re looking for here is constructive feedback and to help the healing team work better together. That means find a way of healing where all 3 of us are closer in healing output (High HPS and Low Overheal).  I want Lurin’s heals to work with our team (the two other healers are Disc Priest, Klaytus, and Shaman, myself Alacran)


Lurin 8 minute Cho’gall attempt World of Logs – Dirty Malfurion-US

Howie 9 minute Cho’gall attempt (Fedonairjr) WoL – Unscrupulous Malfurion-US

Resto Druid healing tips by Cannot be Tamed

How to evaluate healers with World of Logs by Cannot be Tamed

Answer these Healer Homework Challenge questions and your answers will be featured in a follow-up post.

Your Healer Homework Challenge ?’s :

1. What are the healing tips for resto presented in the above guide? What should druids be casting? How is this affected by the presence of a disc priest and resto shaman on healing team? Does 10 play differently than 25?

2. Next, according to above article, how do we evaluate 1. by using WoL parses? What should we be looking for specifically from Resto Druid in above scenario (other healers, assignments, size of raid, encounter mechanics)?

3. Take a look at Lurin’s healing on WoL. What does she do well? What could she do better?

4. Take a look at Howie’s (Fedonairjr from Unscrupulous) healing on WoL. What does he do well? What could he do better?

5. How do the shaman and priests heals work in the context of having a resto druid? Is there anything they could be doing differently to play to the druids strengths?

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  1. March 11, 2011 3:47 pm

    1. Let’s see if I can remember from guide… In both tank and multi target healing, the druid should keep Lifebloom stacks rolling as close to 100% as possible on a tank. This is important because it can cause revitalize, replenishment, is effecient, and can proc clear casting to use for expensive regrowths.
    It’s ok to let lifebloom stacks fall off to bloom if the tank gets low and the hot is about to expire. Then lifebloom should be restacked ASAP.
    In ten man, druid can try to have at least 1 – 3 (whatever is sustainable) rejuvs out in the raid to stabilize damage.
    Can use healing touch and nourish to refresh lifebloom. If 3 or more people are taking damage its a good idea to use Wild growth on cooldown. Swiftmend and regrowth should be used to quickly bring endangered raiders to a stable health point, then can let hots continue to tick or heal full with single target casted heals.
    Can cast Wild Growth before Tranquility to add healing bonus of druid mastery.
    The cooldowns Tree of Life and Tranquility should be used often to get most the use out of them. Probably a good idea to plan to have both cooldowns available for final burn phase of Cho’gall since the healing requirements will increase greatly. Can coordinate use with priest PW:Barrier and mass shieldings.
    Use barkskin to get full ticks from Tranquility (resist pushbacks).
    Use innervate early (~80% mana) to get more uses out of it. Can coordinate an innervate with Klaytus’s hymn of hope for added benefit.
    Suggest resto shaman track druid hots and let hots work after stabilizing raid members. Prioritize healing on people too spread out for chain heal or outside of healing rain in aoe situations. Should reduce overhealing.
    Suggest druid track weakened soul and PW:Shield on healing frames and give higher priority for rejuv on weakend soul and reduced priority on pw:shield.

    Ok that’s just number 1 on homework questions so far. Anyone see anything I missed or want to add?

  2. March 15, 2011 5:18 pm

    My posts are part of a homework assignment, that’s exciting!

    I just wrote a post on analyzing resto druids specifically, that might help with this too.

    • March 15, 2011 6:35 pm

      Looks like I have a cheat sheet for answering number 2.

      Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  3. March 16, 2011 4:18 pm

    Hi !
    I discovered your blog today and added it to my reader. There isn’t enough shaman blogs around. I play a resto shaman as my first alt character, having a hunter as main for years. I also played a tree as my first alt during WotLK.

    Interesting idea. I don’t exactly have answers to all your questions as I didn’t play my druid since Cataclysm hit. But I remember that healing the raid when a disco was on it too was a waste because both had a pre-emptive way of healing (pre-hot, pre-bubble). I’ll try to answer some of your questions though with what I see in my raids these days.

    I had a look at your parses. First thing I did was compare it with one of our Cho’gall kills.
    Here is our druid’s log :
    And I compared it to your druids. I use CompareBot. It’s a great tool.
    Here is the link to the comparison :
    And another compare tool, with all the trys on Chogall from Lurin’s parse :
    It’s temporary and stays on the CompareBot site only 24h, that’s why I linked my parse too.

    First, your fights are long, we often use only one tank, 3 healers to get an extra dps, or two tanks and two healers. First if you get more than 4 adds before hitting phase 2, there is a problem with your dps : 12k should be the minimum, not the maximum. I compared with our first kill in January (1 tank warrior, 2 healers both paladins), we needed 96k DPS for the kill. Your raid is at 64k.

    Ok now to the healing :

    1. About what to cast, I’m not a specialist, I’ll let specialists answer. Although I know our druid doesn’t use Rejuv as much as in WotLK, you don’t blanket HoT the raid anymore. He uses Wild Growth a lot, and uses Lifebloom as a raid healing tool in tree form. He despises Regrowth but it’s mostly because it’s expensive. Wild growth is very effective in 10s as a raid tool.

    About the 10s/25s question, there is definitely a difference. Assignments are generally more strict in 25s : tank healers heal tanks, raid healers heal the raid, shamans usually getting the melees to get better use of their chain. When I was still doing 25s, I remember our 2 druids, on really hard fights, assigning groups to each other in order to not put more than one rejuv by raider.
    In a 10s, it’s not that strict. Of course you need to know who is primarily healing which tank, but every healer gives some help, either on the tank when raid is stable, or on the raid in case of heavy raid damages.

    2. It really depends on the fights. Generally, our druid does raid healing, the other healers being on the tanks and helping, or having special assignments like holding people with debuffs.
    Maybe try it with only two healers : the reason why your druid didn’t do great was that maybe the other healers did her job, throwing their mana, and her’s, away when phase two is so heavy in raid healing.

    5. For the other healers, I’d say : trust your druid. Hots need a bit of time to tick, let them top the raid gently. There is no immediate danger to the raid in general on any fight. Cho’gall doesn’t do spike damages. Don’t feel like you absolutely have to top off everyone quickly. Help if some people have low HP, you have great tools for that, but once people are stable, let the druid finish the job.
    And your raiders needs to be educated : stand in the green/blue/white puddle and click the lightwell. Only 7 people clicked it during all your Chogall trys (on Lurin parse) some more than others.

    3. I noticed something about Lurin : her raid healing tools looked like they were not used at their full potential. Take Wild growth : she seems to hit it more than the two other druids but they heal less. It all goes into overhealing. There must be a problem with the timing of this tool. Maybe, like I said, other healers toped off her assignments and the extra ticks went to waste.
    Another example : Swiftmend + Efflorescence. Lurin did 12 SM for 228 efflo ticks, Esmeria did 11 SM for 438 eff ticks. Luria swiftmended the tank a lot. It’s a bit of a waste because most of the time, only the tank gain from efflorescence. And let the tank healer deal with the tank, except for Lifeblooms.
    Your raiders don’t stand in green puddles when they need to. There might be a problem with your strategy : ask your team to stay together as much as possible. The only time when you need to move is when there are corrupting crashes but even then, try to stick together : it’s easier to kick the MC’ed. Pack your raid with the melee, yeah even the hunter, he can shoot from 8 meters. The other moment is when people are at 50% corruption and began spewing, they need to move out. The rest of the time, stick together in green.

    4. I didn’t notice anything special except a lot of Rejuvs and Regrowths. Regrowth is expensive. She/he used 3 innervates on himself in one fight. The two other druids used none, or rather they used their on someone else (both the priest), because they gain mana from it when they give it to another healer (the glyph if I’m not mistaken).

    I hope I was of some help with your druids.
    Good luck with Cho’gall, once everyone knows the fight, dps and positionning improve and it will go down eventually.

    • March 16, 2011 7:07 pm

      Thanks for your very detail response. It was more than I could have ever hoped for! We’ll see what we can work out with your hardcore advice. Again, merci beaucoup ma belle amie.




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