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I, Robot. That’s Mister to you!

February 25, 2011

I have been following a thread on MMO-champion shaman boards about a new website featuring a RAWR type simulator tool in the web browser.

I decided to give it a try a few days ago and got some very interesting results on optomize.  It was insisting on haste, haste, and more haste!

As a RAWR veteran, I knew

I think I broke-ed it

I think I broke-ed it

already that if a simulator gives out weird advice usually one should check with the parameters it’s been given.  In the case of Rawr, for

me, it usually came down to length of fight and mana usage / regen settings being off.

Well I must admit, in this case, it probably was my mistake for not reading the directions enough.  I think that in changing the haste soft cap I input “916” where the value being input should be in percentage (with decimals not %, the default is .13)

If you check the thread above you will see that there is quite a lot of theorycrafting going on discussing how it will handle resto shaman stat weights/ values.  I tried it again today, set to optomize with default values, and I’m excited to try out the changes in gemming and reforging recommendations.

haste goes to 50 after soft cap

default settings, haste goes to 50 after reaching soft cap

There is also a spirit cap (default is 2200) and I’m not exactly sure if that’s including DMC: Tsunami and 4-piece bonus or not. (updated: see bottom of post) All of my recommendations are to shed spirit from the gear and get more mastery and crit.

I can honestly say that I’m having zero problems on mana in 10n with my gear level (354 ilevel I think) and I even waste a metric ton of mana on blue circles that nobody stands in.


All in all, very positive review from me:

  • I like most of all the settings for personalizing gear optomization, based on what you have access to.
  • I’m also blown away by the community feedback and involvement by the devs of this website.
  • They even have a forum on their website.
  • They have been making steady improvements based on feedback.

Follow poster revulva on MMO champion, follow Mr. Robot on Twitter and on Facebook, and give it a try!  Let me know about your experience with this tool in the comments below.

Very impressive indeed, Mr. Robot.

I don't like archeology and I'm a cheap bastard, give me other options!

Update: 12:53pm February 25, 2011

“Mr. Robot includes both Avg Spi from Trinkets and 4-piece T11 bonus spirit.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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  1. February 25, 2011 10:43 pm

    Thanks for taking time to check out the tool. I just wanted to clarify one thing for your readers about Mr. Robot!

    Mr. Robot does not actually simulate or formulate DPS or HPS numbers. Mr. Robot uses stat weights to find a very near-optimal gear solution (the set with the highest EP value possible according to those stat weights). Mr. Robot’s team of humans go around the web engaging in discussion and using the other theorycraft tools such as SimC, Rawr, spreadsheets, etc. in order to provide very good “default” stat weights that follow the accepted optimal trends in the game.

    We see it as a companion tool to simulators and formulators, but we also know that most people just don’t have time to deal with all that – so we try to give a very accurate default starting point.

    For example, we fully expect that resto shaman will want to manually edit the amount of spirit that is comfortable for the content they are currently working on. We went with the 2200 number because our research showed that some shaman seem to think it’s a decent gearing point.

    • February 26, 2011 12:03 am

      For resto shaman, the secondary stats are very tricky to say the least and I was very pleased with how Mr. Robot handled the values and options for editing stat weights.
      The percentages of haste soft caps for getting additional ticks from hots are not generally known by the community. That was the only thing that was unintuitive to me at the time. For anyone reading this, the default .13 is to get the additional tick of riptide. (916 for non-goblins, Technically it is 12.5% but rounded up as .13 in Mr. Robot)

      • February 27, 2011 3:14 am

        Good point about the community generally knowing the rating they need on gear instead of total % haste necessary for extra DoT/HoT ticks.

        I actually have a spreadsheet that I made which shows the total percentage haste needed for extra ticks on all DoTs/HoTs in the game… I should transfer that to a public google doc and provide a link to it on our site so that it is easier for people to understand the haste soft caps Mr. Robot expects.


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