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New Shaman healing cooldown coming in 4.1 as promised?

February 24, 2011
raid cooldown idea

The resto shaman blogosphere is bursting in anticipation of an announced shaman cooldown coming with the newest Major Content patch for World of Warcraft, patch 4.1

Over at Totem Forest, Jadiera covers the topic in depth noting that in the just relased PTR patch notes, no cooldowns have been announced yet.

Jadiera goes on to cover the different kinds of cooldowns that other classes bring to the table in great detail and later stipulates on her own ideas for filling this great missing gap in the Resto Shaman toolbox.

Summarizing the greatest needs she concludes that we need some kind of tank cooldown and adding:

“alternately, or even additionally, need some form of “excrement impacting the rotating air circulation device” for use in reaction to heavy raid damage.”

I have to agree.  That’s actually a great idea.  Something about a wind spell splitting up Earth Shield  spreading its charges around on people, healing them on next damage taken or reducing damage taken.  (must use water walking icon for this wind spell, coming in 4.1 new shaman spell icon!!!)
I miss Wind Wall totem.  They could bring it back with a graphic like the wind from Altarius for raidwide covering (a la Aura Mastery) or a literal wind wall zone for PW:B style defense.

What do you think?  What kind of cooldown do you think that Resto Shamans sorely miss?  Are you as excited with the idea of an exploding turd in the raid as I am?



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